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Who We Are

Fresshrise Bakery is a first-generation, family-owned and operated company specializing in producing the highest quality breads, rusk and English muffin/pav products. At Fresshrise Bakery, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products designed to meet the needs of many different consumers. Our mission is to provide a product of the greatest possible value to our customers, thereby gaining and holding their respect and loyalty…


Our Vision

To be the country’s leading supplier of specialty
bakery and confectionery products.

To consistently deliver a varied selection of worldclass bakery, confectionery, and distinctive
specialty items to meet the standard and
customized needs of all shop

Our Bread Products

Breads are a staple on the supermarket shelves. As a commercial specialty breads distributor as well as a private label bread distributor, we offer all the most popular bread types, including:

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